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Resources List


The Centers for Disease Control has a clear definition of Zoonotic diseases.


The type of pandemic we are now facing has been predicted for many years, and an article in the May 4th edition of The New Yorker explains why we were so ill prepared for what has happened.


Conservation International lists three ways we can prevent pandemics in the future.


Our speaker, Nicholas Robinson, has had a distinguished career in the field of Environmental Law.


Moderating our event will be Professor Ann Powers, an emerita faculty member of the Elisabeth Haub School of Law’s Center for Global Environmental Legal Studies at Pace University.


The website for One Health, a program of the CDC, has excellent and accessible information on how diseases can be spread between animals and people.


The World Wildlife Federation presented a Webinar in December 2020 which described the devastating effects of deforestation on the transmission of disease to humans.


Nathan Wolfe gave a Ted Talk in 2009 which describes animal to human disease transmission and the origin of HIV.


Nicholas Robinson Articles include this from Scientific American.

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