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Past Programs

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1980 Women in Stress: An Opportunity for Growth


1981 Women’s Creativity in the Arts


1982 Challenges into the 21st Century


1983 Influence and Power: Women as Communicators


1984 Current Ethical Dilemmas in Public and Private Decision Making


1985 Impetus-Implementation-Impact: Women as Innovators


1986 Rights in Conflict: The Individual and Society: At What Risk Liberty and Justice For All?


1987 The Education Conundrum: Priorities and Prospects


1988 The International Personality of Women: The Interrelationship of Women and Their Cultures


1989 Women at the Crossroads: Making Choices


1990 Tarnish on the Gold Coast: Challenges for the Nineties


1991 Women and Communications: The Female Voice


1992 Sex and Gender: Who’s Who? Vive La Difference!


1993 The Law: For and Against Women


1994 Women’s Health: What We Need – What We Get!


1995 The State of the Arts


1996 IQ-EQ – What Makes Us Tick?


1997 Relationships: How We Love, Bond, Swoon, Suffer and Thrive


1998 Health, Healing, Happiness: New Cures from Old Traditions


1999 Creative Aging: Growing Better While Growing Older


2000 The New Genetics: A Blueprint for Fate or Freedom?


2001 Searching for Sanity in a Crazy World: Perspectives on Mental Health Today


2002 Zero Degrees of Separation: The Power of Community


2003 Food as a Force: In the Kitchen and Around the World


2004 Crime and Punishment: Focus on Women


2005 Ethics in a Troubled World: Issues in Politics, Business, Journalism and Education


2006 Matters of Life and Death: Ethical Dilemmas in Medicine


2007 Women Empowering Women: Agents for Change Around the World


2008 Science and Religion: Colliding, Coexisting…Creating Change


2009 Hope in Anxious Times: Exploring New Dimensions of Poverty in America


2010 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Influences on How We See Ourselves


2011 3R’s + 4C’s = 21st Century Education


2012 Democracy Under Siege: Money, Media and Morals


2013 The Politics of Food: Whatever Happened to Old MacDonald’s Farm?

2014 Crime and Punishment: Justice for All?

2015 Income Inequality: What's Happening to the American Dream?

2016 Social Media and You: Unraveling the Mysteries and Realities

2017  Reclaiming Our Democracy


2018  Artificial Intelligence (AI): The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown


2019  Global Warming: Confronting the Challenge

2020 No program because of the pandemic

2021 How We Can Avert the Next Pandemic: Using Environmental Law and Policy to Prevent Zoonotic Diseases 

(Click here to see webinar)

2022 How to Have Hard Conversations About Race and Racism 

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