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Programs from the 1980's



Women in Stress: An Opportunity for Growth (1980)

Brigette Berger, Chair, Sociology Department, Wellesley College; Jane Gould, Director, Women’s Center, Barnard College; Elinor Shore, Associate Dean of Women, Harvard University


Vidal Clay, President, Woman’s Place; Ida Davidoff, Marriage Counselor; Gail Faithful, Associate Minister, Presbyterian Church, New Canaan; Barbara Luton, Business Manager; Anne Dobbs, Business Consultant; Cecelia Rosenberg, Attorney; Marjan Schneider, Family Therapist; Linley Taylor, Social Worker, Waveny Care Center


Women’s Creativity in the Arts (1981)

Ruth Steinkraus Cohen, Musicologist; Diane Monson, Teacher/Researcher; Eleanor Munro, Art Critic, Writer, Lecturer; Susan R. Van Dyne, Assistant Professor of English, Smith College


Sarey D. Bernstein, BVA Writer, Reviewer; Susan Cohen, Designer/Instructor, New York Botanical Gardens; Carol Nipomnich Dixon, Arts Department Chair, Greenwich Academy; Mimi Findlay, Consultant; Marian R. Jacob, Sculptor/Teacher; Jeanne D. Kimball, Director/Conductor, Westport Madrigal Singers; Beth Sheperd, Director, Photo Graphics Workshop


Challenges into the 21st Century (1982)

Anne Hummel, Professor, Wellesley College; Dr. Marcia Bull, MD; Elizabeth Janeway, Social Historian/Critic/Lecturer, Barnard College; Susan McHenry, Editorial Staff, Ms Magazine; Mary Tsocanos, MA Candidate in Nutrition


Influence and Power: Women as Communicators (1983)

Jane Alexander, Actress; Dr. Patricia Albjerg Graham, Dean, Harvard University Graduate School of Education; Sheila W. Lummis, Director, Corporate Marketing and Sales, WNET/THIRTEEN; Nan Robertson, Staff Reporter/Correspondent, The New York Times; Anne P. Streeter, State Senator


Current Ethical Dilemmas in Public and Private Decision Making (1984)

Rev. Margaret Brown, Professor of Philosophy, Norwalk Community College; Ellen V. Futter, President, Barnard College; Dr. Ruth Macklin, Professor of Bioethics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Dr. Lisa H. Newton, Project Director, Program in Applied Ethics; Dr. Elizabeth Thorne, Psychoanalyst


Impetus-Implementation-Impact: Women as Initiators (1985)

Priscilla H. Blum, President, Corporate Angel Network; Muriel Fox, Founder, National Organization for Women; Mrs. Clara Hale, Founder, Hale House; Dr. Lorraine E. hale, Director, Hale House; Dr. Elizabeth Topham Kennan, President, Mount Holyoke College; Ms. Linda E. Merk, Founder, Fine Objects Conservation


Rights in Conflict: The Individual and Society: At What Risk Liberty and Justice for All? (1986)

Leslie G. Bank, Director, Guest Relations, Greenwich Hospital; Colleen Dewhurst, Actress; Mary Patterson McPherson, President, Bryn Mawr College; Harriet Fleischl Pilpel, Attorney; Lisa Sanders, Associate Producer, CBS News


The Education Conundrum: Priorities and Prospects (1987)

Betty Allen, Executive Director, Harlem School of the Arts; Mary Maples Dunn, President, Smith College; Claire S. Gold, Superintendent of Schools, Westport, CT; Valerie O. Lovelace, Director, “Sesame Street” Research; Rosemarie Tong, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Chair, Women’s Studies, Williams College


The International Personality of Women: The Interrelationship of Women and Their Cultures (1988)

Jane Condon, Author; Nannerl O. Keohane, President, Wellesley College; Elizabeth Luce Moore, Trustee, United Board for Christian Higher Education; Dora Romadinov, Assistant Vice President and Systems Designer, Dean Witter Reynolds; Glaudine Mishali, Visiting Researcher, Harvard University Law School


Women at the Crossroads: Making Choices (1989)

Midge Decter, Author Fred Friendly, Lecturer, Columbia University; Jack Hitt, Senior Editor, Harpers Bazaar; Susan Jackson, Associate Counsel, Champion International; Marty Petty,

Vice President, Associate Publisher, Hartford Courant;

Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Author/Editor, Ms. Magazine;

Anna Quindlen, Author/Columnist;

Michael Rosenbloom, President, Producer, CBS News;

Felice Schwartz, Founder/President, Catalyst


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