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Programs from the 1990's


Tarnish on the Gold Coast: Challenges for the 90’s (1990)

Leslie Carothers, Commissioner, Connecticut Environmental Protection Agency; Dr. Judianne Densen-Gerber, Founder, Odyssey House; Dr. Thomas A. Kirk, Executive Director, Liberation Programs Inc.; Rev. Dr. Barbara A. Renton, President, Coalition for the Homeless, Lower Fairfield County; Sherrie Winkworth, Executive Director, INFO LINE


Women in Communications: The Female Voice (1991)

Denny Davidoff, Vice President, Brunstad & Partners, Westport; Jane Hanson, Anchor, Today in New York; Dr. Joan Konner, Dean, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University; Kate White, Editor in Chief, McCall’s


Sex and Gender: Who’s Who? Vive La Difference! (1992)

Helen Fisher, Research Associate, American Museum of Natural History; Dr. Robert Gilkeson, Neuropsychiatrist; Barbara Gregorich, Director of Admission, NYU Stern School of Business; Dr. Paul Grobstein, Professor of Biology, Bryn Mawr College; Katherine Harrington, Historian and Author; Barbara Loomis Jackson, Author, Wellesley/AAUW study


The Law: For and Against Women (1993)

Catherine M. Abate, Commissioner, NYC Department of Corrections; George A. Dean, Founder, 50/50 by 2000; Eunice S. Groark, Lt. Governor, State of Connecticut; Susan A. Powers, Deputy District Attorney, Kings County, NY; Nan D. Stein, Director of Projects, Center for Research on Women, Wellesley College


Women’s Health: What We Need – What We Get! (1994)

Dr. Florence Comite, Professor, School of Medicine, Yale University; Dr. Margaret Maruschak, Vice-President, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Inc.; Dr. Joyce Saltsman, Associate Professor, Southern Connecticut State University; Dr. Barbara Smith, Surgeon, Harvard Medical School faculty, Breast Cancer Task Force Chair; Mildred Witkin, Associate Director, Human Sexuality Training, Cornell University Medical Center


The State of the Arts (1995)

Dr. Thomas Crawford, Founder and Music Director, The Fairfield Orchestra; Virginia Irwin, Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Island Stage, Nantucket, MA; Dr. Anna Kisselgoff, Professor, Bryn Mawr College; Dr. Patrick McCaughey, Director, Wadsworth Athanaeum


IQ-EQ – What Makes Us Tick? (1996)

Dr. Paul Grobstein, Professor, Bryn Mawr College; Dr. John D. Mayer, Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire; Dr. Susan Oyama, Professor, John Jay School of Criminal Justice; Dr. Curtis G. Smith, Professor, Mount Holyoke College; Dr. Andrew C. Webb, Professor, Wellesley College


Relationships: How We Love, Bond, Swoon, Suffer and Thrive (1997)

Dr. Faye Crosby, Professor, Smith College, author, Juggling; Dr. Lynne Lieberman, Faculty of the Stone Center, Wellesley College; Dr. Lisa Silberstein, Clinical Supervisor, Department of Psychology, Yale University


Health, Healing, Happiness: New Cures from Old Traditions (1998)

Dr. Jennifer Brett, naturopathic physician; Dr. Leo Galland, Director, Foundation for Integrated Medicine; Dr. Scott Gerson, ayurvedic medicine practitioner; Dr. Erica Kipp, Laboratory Manager, New York Botanical Garden; Dr. Patricia Mulready, family physician practicing holistic and environmental medicine


Creative Aging: Growing Better While Growing Older (1999)

Dr. Carolyn Heilbrun, Professor, Columbia University; Dr. Lenard W. Kaye, Professor, Graduate School of Social Work, Bryn Mawr College; Dr. Robert M. Otto, Professor and Director of the Human Performance Laboratory, Adelphi University; Dr. Rosa Perla Resnick, Member, United Nations Committee on Aging


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